Monday, January 18, 2010


My guru died more than 100 years back. Whereas an Eklavya made a moorti of his guru and felt his presence, my guru talks to me through his various talks, books and exemplary life. Whereas Ekalvya's guru asked him for his thumb, my guru has asked me for nothing, he does not believe in guru-dakshana, he did not believe in shopkeeping. Whereas Eklavya made no good when he met his guru in actual, I will be blessed and enthralled the day I meet my GURU in person. No doubt my guru asks me for nothing, but i feel like serving him with my heart's blood and serving him means just serving the living God....

At times, I feel his need all the more, when surrounded with question, puzzles, dilemmas and when looking for support.

Gurudev, where are you?

Jan 18, 2009


Pallavi said...

I do not know when you will/can "meet" your GURU in person, but I hope and I pray that you "find" him soon.

Darshan Sreenivasamurthy said...

I just love the way you see your life; You inspired me in every single way..!